God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker

Episode 111 – From Almost Terrorist to Pastor

WATCH NOW CHRISTIANITY UNDER FIRE Discussing how to turn to Christ, even from being an almost terrorist muslim on the latest episode of The Cure, where host Aimee Cabo speaks to Dr Hormoz Shariat. Dr Hormoz Shariat is the founder and president of Iran Alive @IranAliveMinistries, and author of IRAN’S GREAT AWAKENING. Dr Shariat’s moto […]

Episode 110 – Bringing God Home

WATCH NOW Discussing the future of the brick and mortar church on The Cure, where host Aimee Cabo talks to Brother John Hill. Every person who carries the Spirit of God inside them are called to make disciples, love their brothers and sisters beyond brief interactions on Sunday, and destroy the works of the Kingdom […]

Episode 109 – Achieving a Purposeful Life

Watch Now Discussing how to balance oneself and how to succeed on the latest The Cure Radio Show Aimee Cabo talks to therapist Faust Ruggiero. “YOU CAN BE LIMITLESS, BUT THE WORLD LIKES TO TELL YOU OTHERWISE. TRUST THE SPIRIT INSIDE YOU”, says psychotherapist Faust Ruggiero, this episode’s guest. Faust is a published research author, […]

Episode 108 – Teens and Mental Health

Watch Now Discussing teenagers and how families deal with the hardships during the pandemic on the latest episode of The Cure, where host Aimee Cabo and psychotherapist Dillon Welliver review how to help our teenagers. Dillon says: “In the process of therapy, we will bridge the gap between that authentic and beautiful self you have […]

Episode 107 – Does Science Deny God?

Discussing the relationship between science and faith confirming God’s existence on the latest episode of Syndicated Radio Show The Cure, where host Aimee Cabo speaks with Steven Huff, the executive producer of the movie “Against The Tide” Against The Tide movie – . Against the Tide is a new feature-length documentary on the life, work, and […]