God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker

Discovering what is important

#MercifulPouringGrace Of utmost importance this life contains is our Creator and Father Holy God His promises set aside for those who love Him and what does it take? To do goodwill and serve others feels nice and seems very correct We must be vigilant as Satan deceives and so we pray for sight The devil […]

The Biggest Deception

#MercifulPouringGrace Satan’s biggest deception is that he or his demons don’t exist Just about every bad thought and our actions are influenced by evil While some say we are innately dark due to original sin, I believe our nature is good having been made in God’s image We are all considered one in unity with […]

Mercy Sweet Lord

#MercifulPouringGrace Not very long ago I talked to a group of people dealing with children in need They wanted to hear my testimony and reasons why I would foster a child As I told my story I included a desire to adopt as I was that unwanted child. The one many were scared of and […]

Forgive Us

#MercifulPouringGrace Forgive us dear Father for our wrongs as we do for others. Paraphrased from the Lord’s Prayer given to us by God himself. No prayer is more powerful and a good indicator of how we should be That we must forgive to be forgiven as God returns what we do for His people We […]

How Deep is our Love

#MercifulPouringGrace Do we love God the way we should or even come close? Have we considered that there is no such thing as a small sin That any disobedience to God is big, who for us sacrificed His only Son? Unfathomable love and inexhaustible mercy help us go on The reason we exist, have a […]

Episode 219 – The Battle Against Evil

Talking about the reality of demonic possessions and attacks, with Father Carlos Martins, on the latest The Cure Show with Aimee Cabo. Father Carlos Martins is an experienced renowned exorcist. He is the host of The Exorcists Files, describing his many stories of battles against the demonic.  Aimee Cabo is a syndicated radio show host […]

Episode 218 – Helping Children With Mental Illness

How to deal with mental diseases in our children, with KT Griffiths, on the latest The Cure Show with Aimee Cabo. KT Griffiths talks to those who faced the realities of life and parenting through her memoir – Shhh…Mental Illness, The Silent Disease.  Aimee Cabo is a syndicated radio show host of THE CURE on […]