God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker

Cruel Passion

#MercifulPouringGrace A love so profound that it crucified a God being His only Son Jesus Christ Padre Pío speaks of not allowing Christ to be alone in His cruel passion I cannot imagine God to be cruel but tender, loving, and compassionate So what could this saint have meant? The Old Testament gives us an […]

Starts With You

#MercifulPouringGrace If we have a loved one in trouble and desire to help it must start with us. So we can be confident that our prayers can be certainly heard The prayers of a righteous person has great power as it is working, 5:16b ESV Blessings are on the head of a righteous man Proverbs […]

Break that chain

#MercifulPouringGrace We know of generational curses. It is because behaviors are passed down What the parent suffers from so will the child as demons do transfer If a parent is manipulative unknowingly the adult offspring is also As in the power of suggestion, one way to alter thoughts and actions Someone tells a couple who […]

Episode 225 – Cool Parenting

Discussing parenting and restoring the families, with Jeff Schadt, on THE CURE with Aimee Cabo. Jeff has a Bachelor’s in Marketing and a Master’s in Biblical Leadership and Theology. He has been called the “adolescent whisperer” by parents and ministry leaders. After talking with more than 3,000 kids, he concluded that much of what he […]

Episode 224 – Power of Prayer

Talking about the power of prayer and silence in our lives, and our prayer journeys with Rick Hamlin, on THE CURE with Aimee Cabo. Rick Hamlin is a longtime editor of Guideposts Magazine, a lay leader in his church and a Christian writer. His latest book is Even Silence is Praise.  Aimee Cabo is the […]

Hang Tough

#MercifulPouringGrace When we feel we have reached the end of our rope please hang on Not promised happiness in this life but the next thanks to the Son We have more moments of joy than sorrow undeservedly Because He is good and mercy so grand assures moments of rest In our journey encountering crosses makes […]


#MercifulPouringGrace Suddenly people are awake and are more willing to speak up What we considered to be mindless chatter or conspiracy are now fact What we were told would save us has been a deception at large People never considered suddenly to die these days after events two years ago China on the rise with […]

Satan Confuses

#MercifulPouringGrace Satan gets us to believe what is bad is good and what is a lie is true If evil looked bad, we wouldn’t fall for it Satan makes it seem as if it is okay Desirable or nothing wrong, so we don’t correct it, don’t break free, and advice To pay no attention to […]

We Must Continue

#MercifulPouringGrace Success happens due to diligence if not it doesn’t occur That is why God said to be consistent every rightful thought always helps When the Holy Spirit or Angels teach us a better way to do things Or what we should do that is for our well-being and pleasing to God, We must continue, […]

Episode 223 – Spiritual Fatigue

Talking about the tall of spiritual fatigue on church leaders and the faithful , with Marianne Howard, on THE CURE with Aimee Cabo. Over the past 20 years, Marianne’s humor, warmth, and transparency helps her teach, equip, mentor, and invest in transgenerational discipleship. Marianne is a co-host of the D6 Podcast, she regularly contributes to […]