Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker


God is the Cure, Love is the Answer is the story of Aimee Cabo’s growth in spirituality and perseverance to find true love and form a family that could withstand anything. Between 1989 and 1994, her life was called “The Case from Hell” in the Miami media and was a tragic story of sexual and physical abuse that pitted Aimee and her sister against their parents, who denied all culpability. Throughout her life, Aimee has defied all odds to rise above legal challenges, custody battles, poverty, sexual abuse, and addiction. God is the Cure, Love is the Answer is Aimee’s testimony that sainthood and sanctity may be achieved by always turning to God, love, constant prayer, and devotion.

What Others Say About This Book:
Nikolov’s complex, searching memoir details the severe abuse and trauma which impacted the trajectory of her life. It is also a cathartic account of the faith she steadfastly holds for survival and how her belief in God enables her to transcend the darkness.
This is a profoundly moving and gracefully rendered memoir of a broken woman’s triumph against the darkness surrounding her.
─ Dylan Ward, US Review of Books

Nikolov maintains a mastery over a narrative she never loses control of. It is a timely book and one that joins the ranks of well-remembered memoirs. It is a candid story of a woman’s fight with the demons that torture her and the victory over them. She skillfully explores within these pages the horror and the goodness of our humanity and how one can persevere in the face of tremendous odds. By its end, the reader will no doubt respect her and feel compelled to share her story.
─ US Review

Aimee Cabo Nikolov’s memoir, God is the Cure, Love is the Answer , is a story of true grit, courage and impenetrable faith.
I am in absolute awe of this woman’s tenacious style in capturing the essence through words of how she faced her demons and recounts the horrors of a childhood that was unquestionably ripped from her by her parents. Through graphic and succinct prose, she plants her pen solidly from page to page and shares intimate details of wrongs with unfathomable depth. In my opinion, we are a society drawn to memoirs of iconic Hollywood types or war criminals or psychopathic dregs of society. The fame tied to the subject draws the audience in. Rarely do we hear the story of one of, in my opinion, many innocent unknowns who have been robbed of their youth and left with the burden of physical and emotional scars they must carry the remainder of their lives. I thank Ms. Nikolov for her profound writing in telling her horrific truths. I also commend her for her bravery in doing so. She certainly exposed the monsters who surrounded (and continue to surround) her life through the power of her pen. Exceptional writing! Quill says: God is the Cure, Love is the Answer is not only an apropos title, but it’s also a beacon of light to shine on how to overcome and cope with egregious tragedies bestowed upon a human life.
─ Feathered Quill Book Reviews

About the Author:

Aimee Cabo, a Cuban-American from Miami, hosts “The Cure,” a syndicated radio show (Truth Network and Sirius XM 131). Through her show, Aimee is an inspirational speaker sharing the message, “There is always hope, no matter what you have gone through.” She is happily married with children, a nurse, and president of IMIC, Inc., a medical research company. God is the Cure, Love is the Answer is her second book.

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