God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker

Episode 238 – Never Give Up

Talking with Brad Minns, about achieving our dreams, despite all obstacles , on THE CURE with Aimee Cabo. Brad achieved world championships despite being deaf since a child, his story was the inspiration of the movie Never Give Up.  Aimee Cabo is a Christian writer, and a speaker. Godisthecure.com

Episode 237 – The Unseen World

Discussing the influence of the unseen world, good or bad around us, with Paul Renfroe, on THE CURE with Aimee Cabo. After careers in business and ministry, Paul Renfroe is publishing the nine-book unseen series to equip Christians to function as living spirits among the spirits of the unseen world. https://paulrenfroe.com/ Aimee Cabo is a […]

Episode 236 – Kid Rescue

Our children need our help as they are growing up with many more stressors than their parents. With Gods help kids can navigate the trials of life, with Caris Snider, on THE CURE with Aimee Cabo. Caris Snider is a Christian communicator, who shares the hope of God through writing, speaking and leading worship. Her […]

Episode 235 – Unlocking Our Potential

Despite all the hurdles we have gone through we can reach our best potential, with Larry Ragland, on THE CURE with Aimee Cabo. Larry Ragland is a pastor, evangelist, a writer and a tv show host. Larry is the author of “I See Greatness In You”.  Aimee Cabo is the host of THE CURE with […]

Episode 234 – Save Our Kids

In this world where so much is changing rapidly and values have declined. We need to come together to rescue our kids from evil’s snare with the help of God, on THE CURE with Aimee Cabo. Aimee Cabo is the host of THE CURE with Aimee Cabo, on Sirius XM Channel 131, a Christian award […]

Episode 233 – Tragic Loss and Trials

Talking about faith and hope, overcoming the worst days of our lives, with Jenny Leavitt, on THE CURE with Aimee Cabo. Jenny Leavitt is a overcomer, who knows God’s hand is on her as she sees it and holds onto hope from surviving stage four cancer to the ultimate loss – her son. Jenny is […]

Episode 232 – The Prodigal Son

The prodigal son, as stated in the Bible, is one of God’s greatest joy. Many of us have experienced this or know someone who has. Faith and prayer is the resolve. An incredible testimony that will show us how, with Laine Craft, on THE CURE with Aimee Cabo. Through sharing her own story of praying […]

Episode 231 – Queen of Peace

Medjugorje is one of the places where the Virgin Mary has appeared. A breath taking experience, where the presence of God is most evident, the faith of the people and the peace that surrounds. Excerpts from the our recent experience in blessed Medjugorje. Thank You Lord, amazing grace. Aimee Cabo is the host of THE […]

Episode 230 – Light Through The Darkness

How God rescues us from the pits of misery and how there is hope for everyone. Addiction, depression or anything else, He cures every illness, with Michael Heil, on THE CURE with Aimee Cabo. Saved from the clutches of addiction and from near death, Michael Heil has traveled to and shared his story in 35 […]

Episode 229 – Diet and Scripture

Can we have help in scriptures to improve our eating habits, be more consistent and get rid of sugars, with Susan Neal on THE CURE with Aimee Cabo. Susan Neal is a nurse, a Christian author, a speaker, a certified health and wellness coach, seeking to educate people to overcome health challenges. Susan is the […]