God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker


Some of us finish last and it’s not such a bad thing

As the first Saint, the burglar crucified next to Christ who He sanctified on the spot

In mass, they spoke of a story in the Bible of the worker who worked all-day

and the one who worked last minute receives the same pay

The one who had worked more didn’t understand and many will not

It’s not that God rewards little work just as much as He does a lot of work

Otherwise, would there be reason to try harder or for purgatory and Hell to exist?

But that God knows the heart, the effort, the motive, faith and intentions

While it may come easy to some, others might have it much harder

Some of us have been virtuous since childhood while others have not

Getting to see God could only happen in adulthood because of the fog

Some of us deal with more demons than others. Long-suffering takes time

Little did I know all along, I was His and He has always been mine

Not that we are children of a lesser God to have gone through so much

But perhaps held closer to heart. Padre Pío said “Even God has favorites,”

That is something we don’t hear often but if a saint said it, it has more weight

We want to believe we are all equal and so then equally loved

We must all be loved by God but as He said, some He will set apart, psalm 4:3

That He shows favor upon the Holy and prayers are ever more heard, James 4:6

He opposes the proud showing mercy on compassion on whoever He chooses, Romans 9:16

A narrow road few will find as opposed to the wide gate most people do, Matt 7:13-14

To eliminate every sin, small or big is a challenging task

Yet He calls us to perfection and to take up the cross so we follow Him, Matt 5:48

This includes denying self by obedience to every instruction and laws He gave

We are purged by fire sometimes since the beginning so there’s enough time to get it right

Formed amid frequent storms and only in darkness there is a need for light

But some genuinely love Christ more while sadly others do less

Living for God is not just to get by, but dressed to impress

Though we often miss the mark, humble ourselves before Him kneeling to pray

Trusting in Jesus, with patience, knowing His providence will pave the way

Much love and God bless,
Aimee Cabo 😌❤️🙏

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