God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker

Following Christ Entails Many Things

It requires always doing the right thing and putting God first. It is about loving God, which means we should believe everything He said, have hope in Him, endure what may come, and bear the hardships we deal with. We abide by His every word, to have mercy, forgive and love unconditionally. Also be vigilant about Satan’s deception so that we don’t become the source of our suffering. We should put our emotions aside and use our logic that God’s word is true wisdom. God said bad company corrupts, and should your right hand cause you to sin, cut it off. Evil works on our weakness. If we are good hearted we can easily be manipulated by way of Mercy. Keep in mind there are several ways to be merciful without jeopardizing our lives.
But God’s word can be clearly understood that’s it’s one way. If we play with fire, we will get burned, and we cannot condone our allow evil to enter our lives. Reducing exposure to evil minimizes suffering and hardships, just as no sin means no demon. Being true to Christ is obeying, even if it hurts. Not all right decisions are easy or desirable. God shows us how to live right and warns us of dangers, even when we don’t see them. To be His disciple, we must share His cross and conform to His precepts at all personal cost every time. Learn to let go and let God. Allow Him to work His miracles in our lives, and give Him all the glory. 11/10/21 #Godisthecure #InspiredByTheHolyGhost #Godisgood 😌❤️🙏