God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker


I was confused about what to believe, whereas what I was told conflicted with my prayer. This person is supposed to know more than me, so I thought. What is correct is important since God said prioritize doing what is right.
The short version of the stations of the cross starts, “Oh Jesus, so meek and uncomplaining….” I understood that to be like Him; I should not complain even if I feel it warranted.
After all, the saints were silent when suffering or facing persecution and injustice. Who can I turn to for a straight answer when people have different views?
Do I not realize how great God has taken care of me, how He teaches me daily, guides my steps, and lights my path. Never had He stirred me wrong or left me alone clueless.
That I ran into that particular prayer of the stations of the cross because He wanted me to, just as I did when finding my husband, blessed with a fantastic family and the gracious gifts because He willed it?
Then why would I rely on what man says when it’s in His word, His messages, His lessons, The people He places in our path, and the endless different ways He communicates with us?
We should look to the Holy Spirit rather than man and pray for it, confident God has the answer. That He is always looking after us and never misses a detail.
Should we worry or get upset when things go wrong, or should we trust God to make it right? Recently my dog peed on the sofa, which has not happened before.
My first thought was, “I will have to throw away the entire sofa; the urine went through the créese, impossible to clean, expensive to replace.” The temptation is designed to get us upset or lose hope.
A few moments later, the sofa was shorter, and the cup holder section with the compartment for remotes was removed and sections re-attached, thanks to our clever son.
Even better, the dog peed in the perfect place, no more drinking on the sofa, the space opened up, and now we finally get to organize the filling end table to make room for the remotes.
Not too long ago, a family member retaliated against me for my faith. Still, it allowed me to get to know the younger cousin “A,” whom I didn’t know existed, and provided content for my blog as I know I can’t be the only one experiencing such things.
When I was hit with an infirmity, I grew closer to God, and so did my family. Much more fulfilling is the beauty GOD produces from ashes than uneventful days. Working out everything for good for those who love Him. So much better are His ways.
God has a better plan than we can ever imagine. His love is greater and thoughts are higher. Stay close to the one who rules and is true. Please abide; we cannot hide, always watching, caring, constantly working for me and you. 😌❤️🙏
Much love and God bless
Aimee Cabo