God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker



Hope you make it to a class known as catechesis or Neocatecumenal way.
Since all of you can’t, I’ll recreate what I can remember in my own words.
At Calvary, Jesus died for the sinner to redeem our permanent ills.
No matter how huge our sins, His love, passion, and mercy are greater.
Back then, we would have chosen Jesus but by our actions, who really is it?
Barrabas or Jesus? Christ is peace and unconditional love. All that is pure.
His goodness beyond measure as He interceded for His murders.
turning the other cheek, “Father please forgive them.” Being God Himself.
He is the cross; grateful despite the trial, peace within adversity, calm in the storm
To be small, service at will, enduring it all, and steadfast to persevere.
Take mercy with imperfections, return with kindness and pray for them instead.
We are not up against flesh and blood but principalities of darkness.
Besides, how many times has Christ forgiven us no matter what we do or how often?
So when we get annoyed, complain, gossip or place Him last, whose side are we on?
No different than the angry crowd yelling crucify Jesus when we sin.
By acting in pride, hate, or revenge, we conform to worldly ways.
Susceptible to the environment, we must deny ourselves and ask for God’s help.
Acknowledge we fall short and are less than nothing without our Lord.
Our sins crucified Him, but we can rise above to His delight and do what’s right.
We are baptized in the spirit when virtue comes at ease and done effortlessly,
according to a saint. It is God’s will that we strive toward sanctity.
Imagine being like Christ, never placing Him on the cross to walk hand in hand.
Harmony and joy it brings; would be worth the sacrifice; ego, sleep, or flesh.
When He resurrected, Christ made it possible that we can be made new.
Stories in the Bible are symbolic. Christ in the flesh returning shows He is alive.
That He is available to dwell in us should we invite Him in to reside.
The Holy Spirit sees our effort, knows the heart, and is a divine guide.
So think twice before we speak. Hold back from disparaging others.
Let’s be encouraging, supportive, and humble in our actions and words.
Choose Jesus who protects, lifts our heads, satisfies, and takes the fight.
King of ages, Lord of Lords, cleanse our souls towards the light.

Much love and God bless,
Aimee Cabo 😌❤️🙏

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