God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker

Loving God


Loving God means giving it all you’ve got and eager to please Him

Practice virtue, being persistent and diligent, praying and seeking in every way

Most crucial is to follow His precepts which makes it all fall into place

And of all the good we can do is how we treat each other

When we love one another we are also loving God

If God is within, then every interaction with our brother is with Jesus as well

Pause and think before we speak, think and act to make sure it’s not wrong

Are our words insensitive? Would we like the same said to us

What we are about to say would we say it to our Lord?

Thinking this way is a good way to be as kind as possible not like the world

Commonly said, “you can’t have it all.” Did it make the person feel better

sorry you are going through this is more supportive and kind

Instead of saying, you’ll be alright, what can I do and God loves you helps

When we fail to do in the little things we fail to do more often

For God, it’s 100% as He gives us or it’s still a struggle

Go at any length not to sin even in the smallest form

Venial sins evil convinces us that it’s no big deal, not worth confessing

Then it progresses to bigger sins of the same kind, what evil hopes for

As every sin makes us stray further away from God, all matters even the details

A sin overlooked is asking without looking or trying to figure it out first

Progression to this is codependency, especially among loved ones

From blindness wondering why we are stagnant or feeling His grace

Most things we can learn without asking, there is Google and YouTube

This original sin is sloth. we are also not considering the person we ask

The temptation comes first. Call the one who sold you the feather star

He will know if some legs should be shorter. Instead, I googled pictures

This is refining so that we can take to heart that God asked us to be a saint

Don’t let the judgment of those in a different place who don’t understand dissuade you

God has each one of us exactly where He wants us to be

He asked us to be perfect as His Father in Heaven (Matthew 5:48)

Aiming to fulfill this commandment is not fanatic or prideful

Our Holy Mother who loved Him most can lead us to her Son and show us how

When God is pushing us to do better let no obstacle stop us

Pray that the Holy Spirit is our comfort, our everything, and guide

Let’s keep His love abide inside. Jesus Christ saved our life; keep to His side

Much love and God bless,
Aimee Cabo 😌❤️🙏

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