God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker

Mercy Sweet Lord


Not very long ago I talked to a group of people dealing with children in need

They wanted to hear my testimony and reasons why I would foster a child

As I told my story I included a desire to adopt as I was that unwanted child.

The one many were scared of and didn’t know what to believe

By God’s grace, not only did a build endurance but a merciful heart

Compassion is expressed when someone said how can you forgive?

I have seen the hurt these adults could do and only feel for the kids, he adds

I could only think of my redemption. How Christ took a kind look at me

And who am I? No better than anyone else and in no position to judge

I forgave those who abused me and hurt me with all my heart

Praying daily for them, furthermore that they become saints

The evil they deal with must be greater than we can imagine

Being that we have not done such things but have done our share

Only God knows the Justice for each, not right for us to compare

Enough to know that we are now in a better place that we are able to give

Of all the graces, blessings, and gifts, the most precious one is to forgive

Exemplify a small portion of His divine unconditional love

Embrace the cross and become more like Christ the Most High

Know the peace and Joy that it brings when we don’t fall for the lie

And choose God no matter how hard we have to try

It takes a lifetime, as we sin every day. If not for His mercy our souls would decay.

Sweet mercy dear Lord, we need You to do good and resist sin.

It was Godsend charity that spared us through Christ, our savior

He can rescue the darkest among us just as Jesus did with Saint Paul

Profound transformations only occur because God loves us anyway.

His mercy shines upon who forgive and for who don’t we fervently pray.

Much love and God bless,
Aimee Cabo ????❤️????

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