God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker



Christ has immense compassion more than we can imagine

He is a God of Justice and mercy but the latter is more generous

While we might have a sense of fairness to forgive is best

Sometimes those things hard to forgive can be a self-test

Are we willing to let go realizing we have been at His mercy before

And not much compares to the healing qualities of forgiveness

Holding on to hurt or anger brings us down, release it to be free of that chain

We don’t have to forgive because the person deserves it but for God’s glory

Jesus forgave the people who crucified Him even after treacherous torture

How many times did we repeat the same sin just to be able to start again

Seventy-seven plus more times for we don’t surrender whom we love

Not to take love for granted but try our hardest to do better

Nice words only go so far. Actions speak for themselves and carry more weight

Don’t give up, trust God and pray. As He said, love them anyway (Luke 23:24)

If we were to treat others as we like done to us, we appreciate such understanding

How would someone be encouraged to improve if not for unconditional love

What good do divisive ways from evil bring about?

Joy comes by being a product of peace when to His ways we are devout

Submitting to His every word, designed for harmony and to truly live

That we prosper Spiritually and increase in faith when we forgive

Much love and God bless,
Aimee Cabo ????❤️????

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