God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker



I hear Heaven is a most amazing place. There would be nothing else we need in a place solely filled with joy, love, and harmony;
I imagine those in Heaven are so exceptional only the perfect are accepted. After all, it is where God resides, who gave up His only son to be crucified.
Could we have viewed Jesus privileged being God’s son all-powerful had it been any other way?
Only half of us would appreciate Jesus, but who could be envious of the king who made himself smaller than all and died an excruciating death for our sake?
His mercy and love so great, He wanted all to love Him, and that’s who we should emulate.
Once, I was told anger was not a sin. Do you think those who are easily offended or even slightly annoyed are part of Heaven, or the ones who smile at adversity with a compassionate heart and eyes that see beyond the smoke to the goodness that lies within?
I know perfect is possible, God told us so, and I am sure saints and little ones go straight to Heaven. Though I don’t know of anyone who is perfect and I certainly have a long way to go.
Could I ever reach Heaven? If only we could have just a little piece, a whiff of what it is, or a tiny preview. If, for some of us, Heaven is far away, can we create sacred moments here?
We can live life practicing as one of those in Heaven. Go beyond the norm to outstanding, step outside the comfort zone, and take a leap of faith. Make memories likely to be remembered.
Love with all our heart, share it with everyone, and offer our best version. I feel a hint of heaven in beautiful moments with my family, when hugging my furry dog, when expressing love towards friends, when inspired in prayer, and when spiritually moved in church or thinking of God.
We can also experience Heaven when exercising to music while praising God. Heaven may be way above, but we can bring it here with relentless unconditional love.
To be like those in heaven who are most similar to God is the ultimate goal. Nothing will feel better than the sanctity of our soul.
In this life of exile, remember anything is possible, for God is in control. For now, just a tiny piece of Heaven will do; just simply seek the Christ in you.

2/18/22 #InspiredByTheHolyGhost #Godisthecure #godisgood