God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker



Relapse is something most of us are subject to also a humbling experience

Satan doesn’t want our happiness to last very long, nonetheless, keep strong

It hurts us and those around that we love. It’s the enemy’s way to divide

Families suffering now more than ever, we forgot what kind is like

It’s mutual understanding and support regardless of how we feel

It takes two to disagree, so we let go even if we are right to be set free

From demonic ping pong, uses the weaker one to push the buttons

What do we resolve in reacting, it will not go well or as expected

God gave us precepts that unite, not doing so is not worth it

Difficult, that is why only few make it, but with God, nothing we can’t handle

How hard are we willing to fight, despite falling short, keep getting up

After a period of rest, Satan insults to make the wound feel new

Hoping that we spiral down into sin, lose of hope, and stress

So please confess as soon as possible if we feel that dark cloud lurking by

No matter how many times we hurt, fail, or how frustrating, make it up and try

Patient dear ones, God does perfect our weakness at the right time

We chose who we would like to be and how to maintain the peace

Embrace the cross and surrendering all to God is our release

From the chains that bound, each time 7 demons more evil and stronger

Not to feel His glory when we stray can’t be the case any longer

Pray, fast, penance, and sacrifice while seeking Him in every way

Whatever it takes to gain the strength and courage that our souls don’t sway

Trust that God will take us to a place where sin is no more

His sacrifice in body and blood available in holy Mass, ensures we close that door

Thank our divine Lord for every lesson that the trials provide

Only allows what is needed to produce a better us to practice virtue and abide

Look for God in every person or situation and continue doing good, He is near

Holding us, paving our path with His blood and sweat while drying every tear

Much love and God bless,
Aimee Cabo 😌❤️🙏

7/6/23 #Godisgood#Godisthecure#InspiredByTheHolyGhost #300