God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker

Resist Desire


Rarely is there a morning that I am eager to get up. I am usually very tired.

I want to continue sleeping. With one eye open and one closed, I pray.

Asking God for help and believing He will provide as He always does.

Not the first half but when done with morning prayers, I am fully awake.

He never lets me down long as I chose His will over comfort.

My sacrifice pays off in a productive day and effective responses.

Otherwise, I would give in to feeling tired or sick, wake up late, and be rushed.

What feels like a good idea does not pan out; what doesn’t, works out best.

It is usually the things we don’t desire that are exactly what we should do.

What we want often are temptations that can be resisted by thinking twice.

To deny the flesh as stated in the Bible, discipline is required.

Ask the Holy Spirit to guide us in our daily actions and thoughts.

The enemy is cunning and knows how to make sin seem acceptable or good.

If sin wasn’t attractive, there would be no temptation to fight and be pruned.

We are proud of hard work more than we are of pleasurable moments.

We hold back truth thinking like the world that we shouldn’t get involved.

We are responsible for one another, should expose evil and advise.

We can be afraid to write something thinking it’s strong or even wrong.

That is Satan trying to discourage us from being courageous.

So if we have to think twice it’s probably coming from God and evil doesn’t like it.

If it is the first thought and enticing, can be of Satan for which we think past it.

How often have we failed to do, simply because we didn’t believe we could?

Many opportunities we missed by not trying due to unnecessary doubt.

We can do anything through Christ our rock just have to be devout.

We discover potential when pushing through despite futile thoughts,

Maybe the more we resist desire the better we get at rebuking sin.

The road of the cross is how we follow Christ and have Him dwell within.

Much love and God bless,
Aimee Cabo 😌❤️🙏

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