God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker

Seeing is believing. God is more than a feeling or is not a feeling. These are common themes. We see God in the transformation of people. In the innocence of kids and their pure heart. In the miracles experienced. In the unwavering faith, undeterred or affected in the face of great tribulation and sacrifice. When we see the good that comes out of what is wrong. In the great works inspired and produced. In the amazing artwork of this world God created; the sky, the sea, the paradise-like nature and all animals. Saints have actually seen the image of heavenly beings. Most of us don’t literally see Christ, because God requires faith from pretty much all of us. The version of God we have today is the Holy Ghost, as such a spirit is invisible anyway. Certainly God can be a feeling. Don’t discount those moments we get goosebumps when thinking or talking about God or something good, it could very much be God showing his face. Or the moments we feel his love and are so moved to cry in awe and happiness. We can feel God in moments of distress when the inner peace surrounds us. In the comfort of an embrace even if it’s a Shih-tzu. I am pretty sure God uses our dog. It’s not coincidental dog spelled backwards is God since dogs happen to be the most humble animal. The times we feel light as if walking on clouds during prayer. That grateful feeling that brings tears to our eyes when acknowledging God’s mercy. When we feel the Joy of noticing our appreciation for our blessings. The peace felt when He plays the song we need to hear. Most of all the confident feeling knowing our omnipotent God and father, is always near. 11/09/21 #Godisthecure #InspiredByTheHolyGhost #Godisgood 😌❤️🙏