Aimee Cabo

About The Author

Aimee Cabo's life is a testament to the power of honesty, love, and belief. At age 15, Aimee was part of what the Miami media dubbed "The Case from Hell"—a sexual abuse case that pitted her parents against Aimee and her sister. To this day, Aimee credits her faith in God and the love of her support network for helping her through surviving child abuse.

Aimee-on The CureAimee knew that life was too special to go through the motions of just surviving.  She was motivated to help others deal with the trauma and effects of abuse. She realized that healing started with herself, and part of that was airing her past.

Writing her memoir Love is the Answer, God is the Cure allowed Aimee to be open and honest and continue the healing process. Her story covers her childhood, her family dynamics growing up, and after the abuse surfaced. It also highlights her life after finding true love and how she was able to create a family and career.

Aimee's website, radio shows, podcasts, interviews, and speaking engagements are designed to offer comfort, knowledge, strategies, answers, hope, and love to victims of abuse.  She knows that surviving child abuse is not easy, but the love and support of others makes a difference.

The National Child Abuse Hotline is (800) 4 A CHILD or (800) 422-4453