God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker


God loves the little children. That is why they say kids are resilient. They have no fault in the bad circumstances and hardships encountered, therefore God showers them with His graces full of mercy. As such we don’t suffer much until later in life. Partly because the world sees us differently and we are treated like walking on eggshells. We are told in gestures and words we should feel and act a certain way. We are conditioned to believe the past effects us and has more power over us than our mighty God. The biggest desire of most everyone born disabled is to be treated like everyone else. While many are well intentioned in being more careful and kind with those abused, it makes us feel like a victim. When those that have not experienced it and don’t understand, make it a bigger deal than we feel it is, more harm than good is done. Some claim and believe that, should we not be suffering, we are avoiding feelings or in denial, insinuating something is wrong. Feeling broken had me in depression for many years until I realized it was futile hurting over things no longer happening. God said leave the past behind, I make you knew. The Bible also states not to dwell on the past. knowing this earlier would have spared a lot of heartache.

Had I known I was just as capable and loved, I would not have made so many mistakes or wasted so much time. Had I known that I am not damaged goods I would not have loathed myself and in the process hurt others. God is hope and the victim mentality diminishes that probability by often thinking we can’t. If we weren’t judged and labeled we wouldn’t justify improper behavior and hinder progress. If others believed in us we would have been more likely to do the same. If we knew the truth, we wouldn’t give in to Satan’s deception and live a lie. Thank heaven, God was with us all along full of compassion and love, opened our eyes and gave us strength to carry on. So grateful Jesus helped us channel our struggles towards a purpose that helps others and gave meaning to every trial. We greatly appreciate our sweet Lord who gave us new direction and healed our souls. Who lovingly saw the lost and wounded just as precious as all his children and fervently took us under his wings. From Victim, we became Victors through our loving Holy Father who had it in his plan since before our birth. Never will we return to feeling like a victim once we learned suffering is a part of life. To be with Christ we should gladly embrace the cross, which leads to bliss in paradise with our creator. He who became, for our sake, the ultimate spotless victim, turned greatest Victory. 😌❤️🙏 11/24/21 #Godisthecure #InspiredByTheHolyGhost #Godisgood