God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker


Does it seem as if we are stagnant in our spiritual life?

Are we not feeling it as the artists do in inspirational Christian songs?

Do we not relate with the joy and peace others have who appear more blessed?

So we pray to refrain from the blindness and darkness of sin.

The truth is that often we are not aware of sin or the consequences thereof.

In confession, I make it a point to include the sins forgotten and those of omission

Wisdom and discernment are gifted in His timing according to God’s Justice

Every time we don’t believe loved ones or do not listen to our spouse it’s a sin

kind and gentle with people despite how right we think we are or how bad we feel.

God said love is to believe all things, be of the same mind and follow through

If we disagree rather than be in mutual agreement we are acting in pride

Are we self-persevering and making our spouse explain before we agree or listen?

Do we expect God to prove himself before we have faith or love Him?

We tend to our spiritual life in every way, each day and give God His due

To include what Christ asked of us in memory of Him as our daily bread

When we chose comfort at the expense of our responsibilities, we fail to do

Whenever we pass by something not put away and ignore it,

Not only is it sloth, but not prioritizing what’s right and disobedience to God

When we put off something our spouse asked until we finish it’s not being kind

Are we ok with our kids enacting on our request whenever they feel

Would we delay a boss’s instructions until later or do it right away?

“Of course, immediately” is what we say to impress or if seeking a promotion

Why not treat each other the same as we must love as we do ourselves

God said we must treat others as if they are better than us and in thought

He also expects us to be self-disciplined diligent and consistent.

If we know the rights things to do and don’t continue we are not in compliance

Overindulgence, self-perseverance, and sloth are not in the service of others.

Taking care of ourselves by stretching, resting proper hydration and nutrition

Looking out for each other, never turning down anyone needing help?

Complaining, gossiping, curiosity or loss of hope does not promote any good.

Are we heeding His call and living life according to Christ they way that we should?

While some of these are common ways of the world they are mortal sins

We are aware that to receive in mortal sin the Eucharist is sacrilege

At the very least it’s null, void, or doesn’t carry the same effect

So it’s difficult to be in the state of grace, and feel His glory, if only most knew

In an instance, all sinning would cease if we were conscious of every wrong

But to be unaware of each sin does not exempt us from its consequences

Otherwise, how do we ultimately learn it is wrong and a sin

By definition mortal sin is anything of grave matter we knowingly commit

How do we know not obeying God isn’t rejecting the Holy Spirit and it’s grave?

To ignore what God commands and instructs is to say we know better

Thinking ourselves wiser than God is pride, a deadly sin which is mortal

If not constantly vigilant and trying to avoid any sin, are we true to Him?

Should we continue in sin we will not know the peace only He gives.

To love Him above all things is to abide by His every word in everything at all times

Give all of oneself in action and will, to the Most High, completely surrender to God.

We could be living our best life in peace, joy and love to His glory when we truly commit

So we can shine His light and to His mercy, have faith that is truly legit

Much love and God bless,
Aimee Cabo 😌❤️🙏

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