God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker

To Be As a Child


For most of us, difficult to envision filling the shoes of a saint

We fumble and fall often seems like a far fetch but that is part of the cross

Then remember being a child, complete trust in our parents as in God

Troubles did not faze us, just another happening in a different day

We did not speak a negative word or succumbed to dark thoughts

We loved the idea of sharing, thought of others, and that everyone was good

Most humble were we, pride had no space in our little pure hearts

Suffering made us feel set apart and more loved by God

We yearned to get closer to God in every way possible aspiring to be His saint

Faith that’s relentless, failure and defeat considered a win

Didn’t question our parents, their word our command as should be with God

Took to the bank their advice, fought to please, and accepted their lessons

Replace the parent with God and worldly ways with that of a child

As sweet as can be was our only nature easily we made others smile

Their joy was our happiness, well-being our peace and forgive anything

In the arms of a loved one our greatest release, which has always been God’s

Missing the days of our youth grateful to have been there and know it can be

When we didn’t know chains, stained by this world, nothing but free

He protects the little ones, precious to Him, and all poor souls unaware

Someone has to exemplify the Angels above otherwise how would we know

Why in the Bible it’s written to enter the kingdom we must be like a child

Feasible to think like a kid. Stick to it and stay close to God to turn into a saint

Who’s tears of a crocodile didn’t last long, every sweet memory was cherished

Bad moments left in the past, didn’t care for the mishaps just made a new way

There wasn’t a time we didn’t feel we were not God’s child or didn’t pray

Full of hope and big dreams believing in all possibilities as He promised

Life was joyful and simple. God lead the path, angels kept our minds clear

To Him ever so dear, never a doubt, a complaint or reason to fear

Bring back that time we were most like Christ and held Him so near

Much love and God bless,
Aimee Cabo ????❤️????

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