God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker


Our feelings can be deceptive. Satan is very cunning and manipulative, having us feel and think the wrong thing. He banks on good hearts and often uses feelings. Knows what we want to hear and what might feel good. We can feel right about something wrong and feel wrong about something right. It generally doesn’t feel good to correct out of charity or expose a truth that is not popular but might feel good to lie in order to make someone feel better. Sometimes we only do what feels good to us and forget to consider others, or we do more harm than good because it feels right. At times I felt I was right only to discover I was wrong.
When it seems right, we feel good and tend not to think twice, falling for the suggestions of evil to rationalize and justify actions we later regret. The truth is discovered when we put our feelings aside, study, and adhere to God’s word. Discernment and wisdom are gifts given by God upon our loyalty should we be in a state of grace by not sinning and seeking His face. Be careful when feeling that we are noble and good. God informed us to be vigilant at all times and consider what His will is. We do not receive because we don’t ask, God said, so prayer can help us see clearly. Our Heavenly Father wants us to prioritize what is correct to approach situations sincerely. We can allow emotions to override common sense readily available in the Bible. God’s word is sharp like a weapon against the devils lies. Turning to God every time and hearing His voice is what makes us wise. God is omnipotent, willing, and always around. He gave us courage, strength, ability, and a mind that is sound. We stay close to Him, working our hardest, dreading letting Him down, and ever so grateful once we are found. 😌❤️🙏 1/14/22 #Godisthecure #Godisgood #InspiredByTheHolyGhost