God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker


All for Jesus, Saint Teresa of the baby Jesus would say

She gave Him every cross and joy, her mistakes and virtue

She believed that God’s great mercy and love would see her through

Every small action counts as she believed God appreciated her effort

We will do anything for Christ even if it hurts, just as our Blessed Mother did

After all, God gave us His all, His only begotten Son

So from getting up despite being tired or sick to doing what is right

big or small, everything is considered, make it count, just because He asked

Not to give in to the flesh but the Spirit, the narrow road few take (Matthew 7:13-14)

When we help the least among us, the disadvantaged, we are serving God

Even more rewarding is when it becomes difficult, and we don’t give up

We endure disappointments that our assistance appears fruitless

We forgive all who have hurt us and our loved ones despite no apology

For no other reason than for His sake, who forgave those who killed Jesus

Not to hold grudges on politicians who have done nothing personally to us

Just because we don’t like their ways or ideas, it’s demons behind it

A lot of us are sick and Lost, the more reason for the holy presence of Christ

We put aside ego and desires of the flesh to lean more towards the Holy Spirit

Spend most of the day in prayer and worship of the Most High

In contemplation of His goodness that always adheres to our cry

I have learned not to trust what I think or feel but to pray for vigilance and discernment

So that all my works can be pleasing to God in line with His will

Then all the wonders never imagined in abundance will surface

How great our Lord is is unfathomable; there is so much more we don’t know

Amazing His grace, mercy, and eternal love helping us grow

We start to see the purpose of every cross, seeing His hand in it

People are so kind because it is Christ that is showing His face

A world of love, peace, and joy in the valley or mountain, kept in His embrace

Much love and God bless,
Aimee Cabo 😌❤️🙏

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