God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker

Did they say that so we would be more willing to accept change; of what is good? God is always the same and never changes. We are to emulate God, as Jesus said, “Be perfect as my father is.”
Change eliminates being constant and consistent, which is required according to His word, being that it is the way and the truth. If change was favored, how is it that God asks us to become like children to enter heaven, to undo our changes, and revert back to our better selves?
The enemy changes us while God improves us and helps us grow. Jesus is the growth we can believe in. When people tell us how their husbands or loved ones changed, it’s usually not good. We rather hear the person has grown so much, or he is back to how he used to be when we fell in love.
It became part of our language, feeling bad if thinking a person will never change when in reality we would like them to be great again. We were conditioned to believe people changing was okay.
Would it also be fine if God changed with the times and according to societal ideologies? There would be not much we could be sure of, and our confidence can diminish.
Rather than promoting change, we should be speaking of growth, just as we should be grateful rather than prideful. So easily, we are disillusioned by the use of words for which God asked us to be vigilant.
The best way to practice discernment is by looking at what Jesus, our God did and what, in the Bible, we were taught. The Holy Spirit guides because God’s love is great, and for us He always fought. 12/31/21
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