God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker

Creating awareness to the tragedy of mass shooting and how we can come together as a community to heal and help with Dr Donna Lane on the latest The Cure Show with Aimee Cabo.

Dr. Donna E. Lane is a Christian counselor who specialize in trauma recovery, grief, and loss as well as family relationships. Her life experience also shapes her perspectives, as she experienced grief and loss first-hand in the death of her youngest son, who had a degenerative neurological disorder throughout his 17 years on earth. In addition to her Christian counseling practice, Dr. Lane is a professor of counseling, speaker, spiritual director, and award-winning author. 

Aimee Cabo is a syndicated radio show host of THE CURE, a Christian author, a coach and a speaker.