God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker

From Aimee Cabo’s The Cure Radio Show Episode #103 From Gangs to God

Those of us that have experienced no luck tend to try, even though we believe we are likely to fall. We have experienced stress and turned to drugs while it kills us softly for the devil deceives us using our past and our memories as a weapon. At times when we did not know how to feel, it turned into depression and thereafter yielding to addiction, its progressive. The devil knows exactly what he is doing, making us feel as if we are broken but God shows us how to fix it. Even at times that we feel defeated and hide it from others, we consider the greater good, and redefine our lives for the better when we turn to our heavenly Father.  

 Inspired by the song “WISHING WELL” BY JUICE WRLD

One would have to walk on the dark side to know how sad it is to tell God goodbye; never will someone know how great the pain is that it can make a grown man cry. God is the only one that keeps us from going psychotic despite the relentless pickpocket. God never leaves our side, he has the key to our heart locket, and gives us the ability to unlock it, we are never lonely like an island when our love is his love and our trust is in him, there is never anything like it. For this lifetime is not a race when we find our place in God’s good embrace

Inspired by the song  “NOBODY’S LOVE” BY MAROON 5 

It is when there are tears in our eyes that we often hear God’s calling. Sometimes we hear it and do not reply. If only we knew that by just taking God’s hand, the world is at our feet and there is so much more we understand. We only have one life, it is good to live and even though we may be scared when it all feels wrong, it is with God that we belong. When it seems, there is not much more that we can take, that is when God steps in and gives our heart a break. God is our best option make no mistake. 


It’s funny how little we know in the scheme of it all. The bigger picture came with a great fall. The magic created and the strength newly found were the greatest results. What we have experienced, or our circumstances never defined who we are once we found where we belonged. We know God is there through the highs and the lows with wide open arms. God has never left our side and with him, there is no need for goodbyes. When the sky turns grey, we see the light and when the going gets rough, the harder we fight. At the end of the day, we all choose you, the God who loves us regardless and stayed anyway. More reason to pray. 

Inspired by the song “I CHOOSE” BY ALESSIA CARA 

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