God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker

Yes, God asks us to put heart into everything we do, primarily how we treat others and when we pray.
It all starts with prayer, the strength to endure the test of time, sight to avoid evil, refrain from the blindness and darkness of sin, and the ability to be steadfast in living out our faith.
Some of us believe minimal prayer will do as long as it’s heartfelt. For Elijah in the Bible, it took him increasing in prayer to overcome depression.
Monks pray most of the day, and so did Saints who were the closest to God. I had to pray as much as possible to remain sober and clear-minded.
Of all my prayers, at least some and at times most, I put all my heart into it.
In general, I like to visualize what I am saying and my petition.
At best, I have great confidence and feel blessed for the honor and gift of prayer.
Furthermore, I ask the angels and saints in Heaven, those in purgatory, those presently praying, and Jesus to please join and pray along.
I can imagine the poor souls in limbo get it. They have seen God, know what awaits and depend on prayer to get there; as such would be ever so eager to pray a lot to speed up the process.
Even if we get distracted from praying so much, I can assure you the Angel and saints stay right on point, so no prayer is wasted.
It seems that the more I prayed, the more I was able to resist temptation and accept my daily cross. By my transformation, my family was encouraged to follow through in prayer.
It is better to pray a good amount of prayer with great appreciation rather than just a few or one, even if we don’t get it all right. The more we pray, the more prayers we are likely to pray with heart.
God acknowledges hard work, dedication, and significant effort, evident in the fruits we bear.
Sacrifice our time for God to show we care; When we give Him reasons to bless us, we feel the love in the air.
More is best when it comes to good deeds, which includes prayer. Pray with heart or not all the prayer we can bear.
There is an extremely helpful prayer consisting of 12 words;
“Most precious blood of Jesus Christ save us and the whole world.”
We are instructed to chant this short prayer 500 times a day which is an hour continuously, not a few times meaning it.
It is nicer to put more effort into the time we dedicate praying than barely at all; it takes all we got to honestly answer His call. 😌❤️🙏