God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker

Part of loving God requires sacrifices as He did for us and even more so.
Should God answer prayers just because we simply ask, or does it also take sacrifice?
We have to comply with all He said in its entirety—prioritizing doing what is right, resisting temptation, rejecting evil,
loving God above everything, unconditional love for each other, keeping His commandments, looking out for one another,
goodwill, good deeds, virtuous lifestyle, pure thoughts, and actions, seeking God, prayer and the sacrifices of righteousness.
What are we willing to sacrifice for God? Do we sacrifice food, sleep, time, or even our ego? Do we kneel for prayer? Do we sacrifice for God as we do for our children?
How often are we tired and decide to sleep in rather than forcing ourselves to get up because we want to optimize our productivity, knowing it’s the right thing to do?
There are many opportunities to offer God our sacrifice that pass us by. We can sacrifice the need to prove we are right or the urge to feel vindicated.
We can give up the satisfaction of complaining or gossiping. Doing what is difficult can be considered a sacrifice,
such as doing extra work that belongs to someone else, promoting peace in the midst of conflict, forgiving on the spot despite actively being hurt,
giving when you don’t have, listening when we want to speak, taking the humble approach when angry, letting go and allowing God,
smiling in the face of adversity, finding joy in trying moments, giving up our desire to fulfill that of another, placing others first and choosing to be last,
praying for those who curse you, blessing those who persecute you, spending time with God every chance we get instead of doing something else we rather do, and
fasting and denying our flesh to devote our body and soul to God. Truly God blesses those who really try to honestly emulate the Most High.
We owe our life to our creator, impossible to imagine a love so great; living for Him has always been our fate; to do what’s right, it’s not too late. 😌❤️🙏