God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker

So we have a jealous God? If like me you’ve had a hard time with that statement being that God is perfect, doesn’t mean it’s not true. It is in the Bible, so I thought about it. Imagine creating children with great love and care, blessing them with gifts and providing for them. Including a world resembling paradise. Giving them your all to the point of sacrificing your only son for their sake because the first two betrayed you. Always by their side, helping them, forgiving them and never giving up on them. Guiding them with comfort by providing the word in the Holy Bible. Always loyal to them, never changing and true. Loving them unconditionally at whatever personal cost. Yet some of these children forgot about you, spend more time admiring singers, actors, tik tokers, politicians or themselves, don’t find you important, don’t believe you or believe in you, became lukewarm thinking they know better, ignore that you exist when they act badly, reject you and hurt you, despite trying twice to get them to come around and even after the impact Jesus made. Would it not at least hurt your feelings? Jealousy is hurt feelings. Imagine being married for 33 years. You give your husband children, your entire being and all your time, but suddenly he finds someone else more interesting. We would get Jealous that he is paying her more attention and is ignoring us with all we gave to him not even close to what God did for us.
What if he stops believing you and becomes argumentative as if what you say is not valid or worth believing and often thinks he knows better? What if he stops putting you first and only thinks of himself? Or you stop being the center of his world, his success became more important. What if he only listens to you half the time and still does whatever he wants even if it goes against your wishes? What if he no longer comes in your defense but takes the road of least resistance? What if his heart grew cold and he is insensitive about hurting you? More than Jealous we would be, but also deeply hurt. What we spend more time with is our God. Even if most of our days are consumed by work or being out and about, we can still include God by telling people “God bless you.” Something we hardly hear these days. When God said be courages and of good cheer. We are basically saying what he says doesn’t matter when we are afraid to be sick by forcing masks with all the treatments available and the high survivability rate. When we lose hope, we are no longer believing God can, God is hope or he loves us and wants what is best for us. When he says don’t involve yourself in any activities dealing with the dark side, we believe we know better when we celebrate Halloween.
When God said be pure of thought and action, we hurt him when we do the opposite. When we reject him and his teachings we break his heart. When we love people more than God and believe what others say rather than the word of God, or worry about what people think rather than what is right by God, we fail to put him first. When we don’t expose what is evil, do our part or stand up for what is right, we don’t love him how we should. It seems as if we never stopped betraying him. So Jealous I can believe at the very least. Nonetheless, God still forgives, loves us and has not given up on us. that is perfect. #GodisTheCure #InspiredByTheHolyGhost #Godisgood 10/29/31 😌❤️🙏