God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker


Hail Holy queen Mother of mercy and tender love, thank you for your Son

As good as God is we don’t deserve Him. The sacrifices He made are above us

We can never own up to the greatnesses of Jesus or His divine mercy

Saints have come close and He made them as perfect as God desires

Thank God, He gave us Mary our Holy Heavenly Mother

Born without sin she is the most revered and immaculately pure

Heaven and earth exalt Virgin Mary as the most blessed among us all

Playing a crucial role in our unworthiness as she sweetens our works

An advocate putting in a good word as a Queen does to a king when requested

In the Hail Mary, we acknowledge and honor who she is, echoing Angel Gabriel

In the latter part of this prayer, we ask for her prayers on behalf of us sinners

Who wouldn’t appreciate a tender loving mother who doesn’t correct like a Father

She spends her entire time pleading for us and presenting our sacrifices as hers

Making her only Son, our precious Lord ever more known

The closer we get to her more closer we get to Him

She is the fastest way to her son Jesus by the sweetest smoothest path

Never was there a prayer not answered for this who come through her

Any time in life that I was in deep waters, rosaries were my way

Rosaries gave me peace and melted both addictions cold turkey in one day

It has become a loving companion as I feel best whenever I pray

Without steadfast prayer something is missing; the least I can offer in gratitude

Every rosary contains five “Our Fathers” and “Glory be”, and covers all angle

Such a serene effect as we grow in faith by reciting often this long prayer

Miracles become our life as she takes every battle to Him

Who gave her the power to step on the serpent; the ultimate evil

A devoted priest once told me, the Virgin Mary always wins, and I have lived it

Since a child, I clung to her aid, as it held me together and never let me down

Who am I that God should lend His ear but to His Mother always will

As I fall short daily, head held down, then it’s lifted by how lovely is she

Oh most Holy Mother to whom His heart holds the key

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