God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker


Did we choose the right career, make all the good moves, go to church and pray

Read the Bible, visit the adoration, act according to the holy customs

Yet feel stagnant and want to get closer to God to grow in sanctity?

Do we hunger for God as in the Psalm 84:2, not sacrificing always and praying

At least try our best even if we don’t get it right every time and never give up

We might think we know ourselves or that we know better, but many don’t

Seldom are the times we sin on purpose mostly it is because we are blind

The song Amazing Grace focuses and being able to see after being lost

It is difficult to grasp the true essence of His love until He opens our eyes

Not believing loved ones is a small form of pride as God explained what love is

Practice penance by withholding from receiving Him in mass

Even for the smallest form of mortal sin including the children

Anytime kids don’t listen or give attitude it is violating God’s 4th commandment

Jesus calls us to be like Him, perfect as is His Father and ours in Heaven, Matthew 5:47

Christ showed it possible by becoming human like us by undeniable love

What God would come down to our level be born poor and be crucified for us

As perfect as He is, it must be all that He created, thanks to His influence in us

How well do our bodies work, that we are able to heal and minds without limits

All that we are and can be is a gift of His mercy, love, and justice

If we seek God, He will be found, if we ask Christ provides, our ultimate solace, Matthew 7:7

thirst on the Cross was a way of letting us know, so will we whenever in need

Until we get to where He wants for which from the start He planted that seed

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