God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker

#MercifulPouringGrace A love so profound that it crucified a God being His only Son Jesus Christ Padre Pío speaks of not allowing Christ to be alone in His cruel passion I cannot imagine God to be cruel but tender, loving, and compassionate So what could this saint have meant? The Old Testament gives us an idea How can it relate to our lives today, living in different times after Christ? Although the world has changed over decades evil practices remain and progress What is constant and never changes is His undying love and mercy And that He is the same God of the past, present and future He will stop at nothing to save our souls. if the right arm makes you sin, cut it off He allows the loss of loved ones that are saved for that who cannot be otherwise Give way to tragedies should they produce a greater good as God did to Himself Hardships to surface that our souls must not deteriorate The wages of sin is death and He will take us back early if need be All knowing and who sees the future He rather us in purgatory than in Hell Demons on a short leash but allows them to be instrumental in our sanctity The cross not only serves as a lesson but will take us closer to God Not that we are bad or broken but that He is calling us to be more Holy The more we bear the better we get at endurance as practice makes perfect An exorcist said one day we will envy those who get to suffer and even more Will learn to accept trials with love and be more grateful than ever before For the moments of rest, God gives as a boxer in the ring who receives water Drinking from His cup as He strengthens and opens yet another door To feel blessed, know peace, be in His glory, and bask in His gifts As a good parent, never misses an opportunity to call us back and correct out of charity Then to fear God not because of cruelty but from His passion for tough love It helps us not to sin and keeps our focus on all nothing but the things above He gave up His begotten Son, murdered by His creation to save humanity By His death our death defeated and by His rising gave us life Only what’s of God produces everlasting peace and the sweetest joy Not to leave Him alone we unite our pain to His cross in solidarity with salvation Cruel or not, to His Justice and good time all we encounter is in preparation Much love and God bless, Aimee Cabo  4/15/23 #Godisgood #Godisthecure #InspiredByTheHolyGhost #252