God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker

Good God, what would we do without You? No way to navigate this life without Your direction and Grace. Our fortress and refuge we can never replace.
Would there be no trials? How would we be encouraged to try to pray more, straighten our acts and expand righteous deeds?
Without challenges, how would there be triumph or faith increase? Flowers need rain as a crucial nutrient to blossom. In nature, storms are essential for new growth.
If life was all blessings and everything going well, would we need pruning? From tragedies, heroes are born and use hardship to help others.
Jesus Christ, God himself surrendered His life as a spotless sacrificial lamb to save our souls. God consistently resolves in perfect timing and manner.
Maybe to suffer is the best gift to ourselves and others since God brings good from every evil. The greatest gift from Heaven to saints is the cross.
Even when it is hard to understand heartache, God gives us rest in shedding light. He can make any gloomy situation turn bright.
We get closer to the Holy Spirit when we are humbled by life. It is the steep ladder to perfection leading to Heaven, adapting to strife.
Our sweet Lord guides us through it, knowing it’s hard. As He told us, we will have trouble, but He is always with us to rescue us every time.
All powerful and bigger than any problem at hand. Remember His mercy and passion when he wrote no one without sin in the sand.
Though we are forgiven, through His Holy blood, healed by His stripes, and forged by fire for cleansing, trust in His mercy, confident by His promises.
Tribulation toward our sanctification and that of others. Save not just ourselves but be there for our brothers.
That we all feel the peace, only God gives. Those who love God resist evil, treat people right, and always forgives. God is great; praise to our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ lives. 😌❤️🙏
Much love and God bless
Aimee cabo #122