God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker


All our lives He has been there for us, we can tell by the loving words from so many

It has never been my experience that if I lose a dog, he or she returns

I was in a different place then and looking back it was for the best

Who knows what it was about this time around but both were pleased

My dog returned, and with the help of the reward money they got the same dog

God blessed us both and for that, I am forever grateful

Never has He ever let me down and takes great care of us in every way

Whether I get sick or die it’s up to Him and I will gladly accept

But in His great love and Mercy, He keeps me well no matter what

Oh Sweet Divine how I love thee every blessed day You’ve given to me

My family, friends, strength, courage, direction, words and much more you give

To follow You despite the challenges and unconditionally forgive

Can’t think of any one time He did not rescue me or made it better

How everything seems to work out, it’s not chance but because of Him

And something now is changing that I am starting to miss the cross

To be overjoyed by Him is one thing but to need Him and feel His caress?

To love Him even more is my greatest desire nothing less

Relentless prayers pay. Everyone in my family and friends has grown

Almost brought me to tears how the most prideful is now the most humble (2 Corinthians 12:9)

How far I have come, my miraculous transformation. I owe Him my life

To unite our family in peace and love like never before

Yes there will be hard days and times often but it’s just another opened door

Anything for You Jesus, bring it on, give me more

My confidence is You, the joy that fills my day every minute that I pray

God has blessed us with the nicest friends now going to church again

Even strangers, I didn’t know such love existed until I committed to God

With Christ we can’t go wrong, He has loved and protected us for so long

Life has new meaning, it’s all about God who loves us most

His grace sufficient only of our Lord will I ever boast (2 Corinthians 10:17)

Much love and God bless,

Aimee Cabo 😌❤️🙏

12/16/23 #Godisgood#Godisthecure#InspiredByTheHolyGhost#thankYouJesus 376