God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker


Adored is His face among believers all over the world

A mystical divine feeling to focus on His image during mass or in meditation

Image of Christ miraculously imprinted on the Holy Shroud

Also, His face is seen on a rose petal that was with Saint Teresa when exhumed

Various apparitions of His Holy face seen throughout time on the Eucharist

Painters and sculptors alike can’t get enough of recreating a memory of Him

Apparently, God wants us to have Him in mind one way or the other

So much that Tuesdays are devoted to the image of His Sacred Face

Along with a prayer that will call upon His loving grace

If suffering becomes unbearable pray while staring at His face, it helps a great deal

Thanks to a friend of mine, familiar with heavy crosses who told me about it

Jesus is the only one we can count on to never hurt us and stay loyal always

His face, our consolation when it gets heavy keep it as a wallpaper on the phone

Our emergency call, the sweetness of His look and eyes, especially as a child

Oh Heavens what would I do if I didn’t have a face to put on such great love

To see Him glancing back at us with the dearest compassion I ever saw

Complete acceptance, understanding, and comfort are what it says

To look at His face long enough melts the pain away

Helps to focus on Him, disregard the evil attacks and continue to pray

Be it physical, emotional, or spiritual His love is here to stay

Defend not, bless those who hurt us, have a faithful heart, and play His part

To grow in love, to be in His place, the cross we embrace

What would Christ do, if we look deep, it is visible in His divine face

Much love and God bless,
Aimee Cabo 😌❤️🙏

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