God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker

Some people seem to ease through life while others keep running into difficulties.
There are those that, despite obstacles or tribulations, everything seems to turn out for the best.
I kept hitting a wall, and it seemed that I was cursed until I realized it related to the choices I was making.
Until God gave me sight, I hadn’t discovered how many different ways I was sinning and how badly I needed Him.
All my troubles were not bad luck or that God forgot me and didn’t love me but that I was not fully committed to Him.
As a child, what wrong could I have done to warrant abuse?
Nonetheless, God was with me all along, guiding, protecting, and comforting.
He shielded my mind from acknowledging reality and kept my heart uncontaminated and loving.
God showed compassion in His loving embrace that encouraged me to appreciate all beautiful things despite the chaos and not feel the pain.
Jesus informed me of His presence, power, and great love in a dream that directed me on the right path of prayer.
As a child, I didn’t suffer much. As an adult, I experienced significant agony. God protects the innocent, ignorant, and pure at heart.
So even though I did not live right because I was unaware, the good Lord in His unfathomable mercy still helped me through.
He knew me. I received blessings I didn’t deserve, and nothing I experienced, I could not handle.
The most miserable times were when I did not pray or go to church which almost cost me my life and still difficult if I did only one of the two. My world had become so full of strife.
This dark cloud disappeared once I surrendered to Christ, and blessings filled my environment again.
Trials still happen, but it’s the best way to prepare for Heaven and train. Living like Christ, accepting the cross is never a loss but a gain.
God said weeping is for a night, but joy comes in the morning. So lament but do not let it overtake us.
My perception is much brighter, and God places good people and situations in our path.
It’s not luck but blessings once we give God our entire soul and heart and learn to do our part.
Prayer is essential to uncover and address our sinful ways. For those loving God will have goodness and Mercy and experience God’s awesomeness all of their days. 😌❤️🙏