God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker

I recently saw a short video of a beautiful girl saying, “you are worthy and deserve the best this world has to offer.” I say God is worthy, deserves my best, and defines me. If we were to expect the best this world has to offer, We would be disappointed. Most situations are not ideal according to our expectations. I like to set the bar real low and consider God is the best this world offers. Since I don’t feel I deserve better, I don’t get upset if it doesn’t happen. I have lived that, and it didn’t go well. Instead, I learned to be grateful for what God has blessed me with, make do with whatever I have, and make the best out of it. Once we accept that life is full of challenges and love can help ease the way, and our days become brighter. We don’t need the best of people or things as that can be beyond our control, though we can provide the most excellent version of us. Giving the most we can offer is better than receiving anything this world contains.
Replacing focus on ourselves and finding joy in satisfying the needs of others encourages harmony. The most amazing gift we can receive is learning how to grow closer to God. Happy people don’t feel they deserve anything but that everything is a blessing and remain calm in every instance of life. God taught us that being humble is placing ourselves last and to give without expecting anything back. He assured us all that we would experience His peace, love, and constant help. He promised we would have the ability to prosper, resist any temptation, and endure all hardships. What it takes is turning our life over to Him, trusting Him, and adoring Him with our very being. The best this life has to offer is living God’s way, remembering that He said to do everything with love and be content even in the little things. Incredible what His word can teach and what his spirit and Devine love brings. 12/24/21 Merry Christmas Eve 😌❤️🙏

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