God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker


If abused as a kid, Satan an opportunist makes sure we stay oppressed

God protects His little ones, if we claim no pain then we are broken and in denial

It is common what the mental health industry claims, encouraging stigma

So if sad about how our people have gone astray it must be our past

To be believed or taken seriously due to conditioning we become last

Satan keeps these blinders on so it’s hard to acknowledge the truth

If there is someone to blame why look elsewhere or even ourselves

Over time we can self-suggest we are no good and not capable of much

Depression sets in, could be years until God intervenes with His loving touch

Unlike Satan’s popular lies and worldly beliefs, God opens our eyes

Those who suffer were never cursed but blessed and meant for great things

Satan tries to destroy since very young hoping that to holiness we don’t arrive

Sabotaging our path, obstacles where we step yet God helps us survive

By His grace, when no longer living a lie is when we start to thrive

by those who didn’t know us as bad say we are good, woe to Satan, stay back

God is our fortress and our resolve who makes sure nothing we lack

For we have nothing good without our Lord nor shall we prosper in life or work

The only special gift is the Holy Spirit within when not active in sin

Working through this lowly servant daily at His beck and call

Lest we succumb to pride, keeping us blind as we surely fall to Satan’s thrall

Even Jesús rejected Satan when His people said He is too Holy for the cross

Saints apologize most of the day for coming short of His glory

Claiming to be the worst sinner there is, still not to be singled out

But live to His truth, willing to go to the greatest of lengths in being devout

Practices of the world are another of the many ways to be fooled

What seems harmless, hurts trust and is heartbreaking, disguised as curiosity

Lying presents acceptable if it makes us feel good about lifting them up

Division is promoted in opposition when Satan suggests we are entitled

He gets us to believe that we can’t, we should fear and deserve better

God’s way is to be strong, courageous, to bear, have faith and endure

There is more to us than Satan’s lies and nothing God cannot cure

Much love and God bless,
Aimee Cabo ????❤️????

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