God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker


Of utmost importance this life contains is our Creator and Father Holy God

His promises set aside for those who love Him and what does it take?

To do goodwill and serve others feels nice and seems very correct

We must be vigilant as Satan deceives and so we pray for sight

The devil blinds us into believing what is sin is alright

Thinking we can lie if it is to make others feel good

Who do we help if the person finds out the hard way they’ve been lied to

There is no justification to go against God’s commandments

Or the common practices in this world and what we don’t think much of

“I am the nicest among my Friends,” the priest says that is pride, confess

So insignificant or not any form of pride is mortal enough

false prophets claim it depends on the severity of the prideful act

He who is unfaithful in the little can also be unfaithful in much

“El que es infiel el lo poco, es infiel en lo mucho, also found in the Bible

So a friend tells me we must be eights days in-between confessions

Not everyone can do this, very hard for me. So I pray for strength quite often.

Nonetheless we should confess soon as we can if it’s a bothering sin

I believe more grace is received from a spiritual communion out of respect

What matters is that God is merciful and loves us more than we can imagine

As much as I don’t like carrying sin any longer, I gave 8 days some thought

Imagine how God feels when we confess day after day just to repeat the behavior

If I were to deny the flesh and hold back from the Eucharist, the highlight of mass

Longing to receive Him, the deterrent it would be not to sin again

To show how much we care in adoration we will still receive by attending mass.

God is not confined to the sacraments. By hearing His word should suffice

If only we knew the many blessings a mass supplies we would think twice

There would be the longest lines He added and no one would miss it.

Not being passive about any sin would make receiving Him the greatest honor

Not just about rebuking evil, not sinning, virtue but seeking Him every which way

Loving as He does, embrace every cross and His promises then become us

His peace surround, a faith which lifts, mind that is sound, and joy abounds.

Much love and God bless,
Aimee Cabo ????❤️????

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