God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker


With God we are unstoppable. He has opened so many doors for us.

Miracles daily what we didn’t think were not possible came through with Him

Michelle was born with 3q29 micro-deletion syndrome

As a result, had delayed milestones growing up and repeated kindergarten

Although spared from many ailments this congenital condition provides,

she has a different way of learning and struggled to make the grade

We focused mostly on her soul and mind and took her to mass daily

Soon she asked to be an alter girl and still is to this day, thank God

She loves her youth groups which she attends twice a week

This disability, medically speaking could present in mild retardation

We didn’t have high hopes but kept her in a regular class so she feels okay

Now in public school, this last semester, Michelle made the Honor Roll

A true miracle having lived her struggles and not scientifically proven possible

Not even a handicap can’t stop us from doing the unheard should we get close to God

For so long I was mute in such a way that I didn’t like speaking much

Kept to myself, found no joy in anything, and insecure about being seen

I didn’t believe in myself, felt I hadn’t any good in me or abilities

God changed all that and showed me a better way through His love

His blessings and grace upon grace graciously showered from up above

I kept discovering new strengths and gifts, a faith like never before

In His good time made me a disciple, a servant unworthy of cleaning His feet.

Came to realize true love and what it is to know this Heavenly Father I grew to adore

Not only do I have a talk radio show but weekly do lives, spreading His message of hope

Having been a C-average student in language disliking essays. Motivated by helping others

Writing for God has become my life and something I do in different ways every day

I gave my life, my family, and what I have to Christ, seriously committing to pray

Overjoyed that others have also grown beyond what I ever imagined, blessed He uses me

Peace cannot be bought, learned or studied, undeniably divine success

Having God is go above exceptions, as a beacon of light nothing less

Much love and God bless,
Aimee Cabo ????❤️????

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