Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker


Aimee Cabo, a radio talk host of The Cure, award winning author and speaker


All in His good timing, we like to say. How good is His timing? Perfect. He knows exactly what is needed, when, and if we are ready.
He plans everything according to the greater good to our Heavenly Father’s will. Some of us have lived it, and others still wait for that miraculous breakthrough.
For some of us, it has been a lengthy process, and so it taught us patience and tolerance as we experience that no matter what or how long, God always comes through.
We lived painful and scary moments that later became our saving grace. We appreciate such precision in the events that transpire, for God’s providence is spotless.
Most importantly, miracles by tribulations increased our faith. We learned to accept the cross after having reaped the benefits.
Nothing is more joyful than growing closer to God and no greater peace than having Him working in our lives.
I can imagine it makes Him happy that our trust in Him never fails despite the storm; That we do beyond what is required when it seems impossible just because we love Him.
That our hope is relentless because the faith is unwavering; That we run to Him when the cross gets heavy considering His grace the only true and sufficient comfort.
We can refer to Job in the Bible when over time, it appears overwhelming. God does reward beyond imaginable measure the tenacity of our spirit.
It is how good wheat flourishes, and come the harvest, weeds are identified. We believe in God’s omnipotence and mighty power, regardless of how discouraging evil is.
Tough times confirm our loyalty to Christ. God is merciful, loving, and Gracious, and time will tell. Few make it straight to heaven, most to purgatory, and others to hell.
Twenty-four hours He goes before us for the fight He has us in His sight. He doesn’t miss a thing, watching as He does even with the sparrow.
God’s ways require taking up our cross, and the road to Him is pretty narrow. To His timing, days are numbered. Love our best, optimize our time, dedicate our entire being to the Lord and live as if there’s no tomorrow.  😌❤️🙏 
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