God is the Cure

Aimee Cabo, host of The Cure Radio Show, Award Winning Author and Transformational Speaker

Behold He Comes

#MercifulPouringGrace Behold He comes and judgment day arrives Days have several trials because He cares about our soul Before we thought we could but humbled by the fact that He is in control Put our trust in our Lord, Psalm 37:3, and be what He would like us to be He works closely with each […]

To Be a Saint

#MercifulPouringGrace What does it take to become a saint as God asks from all of us We are chosen with great purpose to be perfect as His Father, Matthew 5:48 We love Him by absolute obedience and He will take our breath away By His good works and sweet beautiful care, we are taken in […]

God of Mercy

#MercifulPouringGrace We struggle, when does God mean business and when does He understand? How prudent must we be and when is it okay to let go? I like to refer to the saints though some of their lives are beyond comprehension Difficult to relate to, nonetheless it is them that God blessed with wisdom Believe […]

Let Go

#MercifulPouringGrace Let go of the fight of thinking we know better and wanting to be right Let go of our old ways, leave behind those hurtful days When we were slaves to sin and couldn’t feel well within We make a choice who to please if it is not God there is no release Gracious […]

Come as you Are

#MercifulPouringGrace I remember when I first started going back to church as the prodigal son I arrived in shorts not even long and unaware I should have not So we think nothing of a person that doesn’t look the part I imagine God saying come as you are as long as you return to me […]


#MercifulPouringGrace Relapse is something most of us are subject to also a humbling experience Satan doesn’t want our happiness to last very long, nonetheless, keep strong It hurts us and those around that we love. It’s the enemy’s way to divide Families suffering now more than ever, we forgot what kind is like It’s mutual […]

He Came For The Sick

#MercifulPouringGrace When we are lost we don’t calculate the consequences and make poor decisions The blind are unable to see as clearly as those who have been given sight Poor souls suffering not really knowing what is genuinely right Loving Him is how we best discover His love for us and Divine Might Expect it […]


#MercifulPouringGrace Distance makes the heart grow fonder, not an easy task if not close to Him Peace is to accept everything with calm as He is reliable and dependable Our faith and trust in Him increases the more we get to know His love Believe in His Divine Mercy that carries us over every single […]

Peace Be With You

#MercifulPouringGrace You hold us Father though at times it is hard to find the peace As You promised to those who love You, tranquil serenity which only You can give. It is one of the few things in life that power, influence, or money cannot provide We are sinners struggling still, thank You Lord for […]

Honoring God

#MercifulPouringGrace How many ways can we honor God, we start by loving Him To seek Him in every way and keep to His word and precepts Virtue starts with prompt obedience so it takes resisting sin Humble before our Lord, acknowledging our faults have been running thin Double suffering is to Christ when we sin […]